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Episode 48: All Roads Lead to Lawrence – Hoops, Writing, and Book Marketing with Craig Leener

October 29, 2019

Craig Leener returns to the podcast to chat about his newest novel, All Roads Lead to Lawrence. It’s the sequel to his debut book, This Was Never About Basketball, and let me tell you, it’s just as entertaining. But since writing a novel is only half the battle, I wanted to make sure we talked about book marketing, as well. So what can you expect from this episode?

We talk about Craig’s newest book, All Roads Lead to Lawrence, starting with an inspiring story that helped him write the ending to his first book and set the groundwork for this sequel. Craig also shares his writing process and why he believes having short chapters is important for keeping a reader engaged. And because writing a book is only half the battle, we chat about book marketing and how he shares his work with the world, as well. Craig offers what’s worked and what hasn’t as he spreads the word of All Roads Lead to Lawrence.

Craig also offers three tips for anyone that wants to write a book. If you’ve got an idea you’re playing around with but just can’t seem to get that ball rolling, Craig’s advice will help you out.

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