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Episode 41: Life as a Digital Nomad with Tayler Gill

August 27, 2019

Have you ever wanted to see the world but thought it was just a wild pipe dream? Kind of like when Mario goes into a pipe that a carnivorous flower had previously been inhabiting, then he emerges in an entirely different area. It's cool, but it JUST WON'T HAPPEN.

Well then, let me introduce you to Tayler Gill, who decided one day she'd like to experience what this world has to offer. So she up and moved to New Zealand and now can sling slang with the best of 'em. And guess what – taking the leap, while certainly present with challenges, was well worth it.

Tayler and I chat about starting a business and the myriad tasks that virtual business assistants do, the power of building your personal network, top travel tips whether you’re brand new to traveling or a seasoned expert, and some of the top sights to see in the world. Be a pal and listen along!