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Episode 47: Everything You Need to Know About Austin with Joleen Jernigan

October 22, 2019

This episode features Joleen Jernigan, creator of Eat Like Blogger Drink Like Poet, writes for the Austinot, does travel writing, and basically ALL THE GOOD STUFF.

Joleen talks about she got started in travel writing after finding her voice by taking the crappy things that happened to her and made it funny to share with her friends – much like we used to send these old-fashioned things called “postcards” whilst traveling.

We also discuss favorite words, great places to check out in Austin, Halloween costumes (Joleen is going as a mermaid, Joey is still OUT OF IDEAS), giving public speaking discourses during college classes, and what makes for a killer live music show. That reminds me, I’m in a band – check out Burning Years any place you listen to music, like, oh…Spotify or Amazon Music or iTunes.

Finally, we chat about Barstool Poetry, which is a terrific invention of friend of the podcast Bob Makela. If you ain’t ever heard of Barstool Poetry, I highly recommend you check this creative social writing event out. On a related note, Joleen is reading at One Page Salon next month, so go see her!

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