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Episode 50: Peeling Hardboiled Eggs with Negg Founder Bonnie Tyler

November 12, 2019

This is the most eggciting episode yet! I’m chatting with Bonnie Tyler, founder of the Negg hardboiled eggs peeler, which takes the excruciating part of hardboiled eggs (the peeling) and turns it into an absolute joy.

Bonnie and I talk about the idea behind the business, plus the challenges and opportunities she’s seen along the way. Bonnie has also been pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the inventor community and how cool 3D printers are (she’s not wrong on that front). She discusses the importance of having an American-made, women-run company and how it’s led to Negg’s success.

Plus, Bonnie reminisces on some of the best reactions she’s heard from people that have seen the Negg in action, like a cute 10-year-old girl that gave more than a few “wows!”

The Negg is really a cool little kitchen tool, so be sure to pick up yours if you've ever felt the pains of hardboiled eggshells getting caught in your fingernails. I know I sure have.