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Episode 52: Writing, Acting, and Exercise Videoing with Malibu Burning Author Robert Kerbeck

November 26, 2019
Robert Kerbeck is the founder of the Malibu Writers Circle and a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Kerbeck’s work earned him a mentorship by the managing editor of the highly-esteemed Tin House. Kerbeck’s first-person account of the Woolsey Fire was read by over a million people as an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times. His essays and short stories have been featured in the Atticus Review, Narratively, Cimarron Review, and The Normal School. His short story, Reconnected, was adapted into a film and appeared at film festivals worldwide. He is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio and an award-winning actor.

Robert is also the author of the new book Malibu Burning. His book offers the unique experience of telling the story of the incredibly destructive Woolsey Fire through the eyes of several people who lived it – including Robert himself. Robert talks about his encounter with the blaze, how he went from not even considering a book to actually making one happen, and what’s being done to try and prevent these destructive fires in the future.

In addition to being a writer, Robert is an established actor, appearing in more than 50 television shows and movies. Perhaps one of his finest roles was in an exercise video with O.J. Simpson just a week before the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Robert shares the story of recording that video. We also chat about his role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and how cool it is to have a trading card with his likeness on it–and a rare-valued one, at that!

Robert also dives into some of his favorite stories he’s written, which include ping pong, Kevin Dillon, Leonardo DiCaprio and a $25,000 bottle of wine.