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Episode 54: Travel Tips and Joining Cults with Adrienne Ritter

December 10, 2019

Hope you've got your bags packed and are ready to roll! I'm joined by Adrienne Ritter, who quit her job and traveled throughout the United States and 14 different countries in four months during what she's calling her “life sabbatical.”

Adrienne shares how traveling has given her a better sense of balance in life and what it’s like being an American abroad. Foreigners have a very specific sense of what America is, and the U.S. still has a spotlight on it, despite every country having their own things going on.

Adrienne also talks through the glorification of travel. For example, the Louvre’s main attraction isn’t the Mona Lisa – it’s the spectacle of people lining up to take a photo with the Mona Lisa. Travel isn’t always about the Instagram, y’all. Stop and take a moment to look around. Things like the grocery stores, public transportation, and simply the nuances of daily life can be much more enlightening.

For folks who aren’t as experienced traveling abroad, Adrienne shares her top travel tips, including the benefits of planning less, giving yourself a rest day, and using helpful apps like Maps.me and Klook.

Oh, did I mention Adrienne joined a cult during her travels to Brazil? I didn’t? How silly of me! She discusses how she came across a cult, how she got involved, and what the entire experience was like. We also chat about our craziest “What? Oh hell no! Hold up, huh? Oh, okay!” moments while traveling.

Want to learn more about travel and follow along with Adrienne’s adventures? Follow her on Instagram or visit her site, Grown Up Dreads.