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Episode 56: Financial Advice with Fitness and Business Educator Nelson Toriano

December 17, 2019

Personal finance is a finicky subject for a lot of people – especially for personal trainers. They’re just kind of thrown into the mix without any kind of real preparation. In this episode, Nelson Toriano joins us to chat about his new book, For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A Guide on How to Train Money - Not Muscle - To Grow.

Nelson shares how he came up with this personal finance idea (wine was involved, as is the case with many great ideas). And he also dishes out lots of easily digestible advice for managing your finances, from product lifecycles to doing your taxes. Even if you’re not a personal trainer, there are plenty of helpful business tips and resources in here, so take copious notes, y’all. He walks us through the process of writing a book, and we give heaps of praise to the voice actors that make things like audiobooks possible.

Nelson E Toriano is a distinguished fitness and business educator. He received his MBA from California State University, East Bay, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate from Stanford University. For more than 15 years, he has held leadership roles in various companies in Silicon Valley while simultaneously teaching group exercise classes and training clients. He eventually ventured on his own to build Coach Nelly Toriano, LLC, a fitness education company focusing on financial literacy.

His debut book For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A Guide on How to Train Money - Not Muscle - To Grow intends to clarify financial concepts for personal trainers. Nelson advocates for personal trainers to understand the functions of money in totality. By doing so, he helps personal trainers create lucrative career paths that is right for them. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. He’s got a podcast of his own, too – check it out here!