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Episode 46: Social Media Mastery and Personal Branding with Time of Dre

Today I’m chatting with Dre Paskert of the fantastic Time of Dre – we’re sippin’ wine and feelin’ fine! Dre talks about her background, including moving from Montana to Texas to open up a bakery, scoring a business internship and grabbing a full-time job all within the span of two weeks. She also takes us into her mind from quitting that job to work full time on her own business.

Dre shares her tips on upping your social and personal branding games, public speaking and how to convey a powerful message, as well as the proper way to give a handshake. We’re also talking favorite Katy Perry songs because sometimes you just need to get your pop jams on, you know?

Finally, Dre’s got actionable advice for us! She offers three things you can do on your social accounts to take your game to the next level. Spoiler alert: they’re not at all hard to do. Remember to write for the whale!

Want to learn how to elevate your personal brand even more? Check out Dre’s two courses: Impact to Income about monetizing your message, and Illuminate and Elevate, a personal branding program made for social media. You’ll learn how to stand out on social, make an impact on people around you, and how to do it all RIGHT NOW.

Dre is also speaking at the SpinUp drone conference on October 19 alongside NASA astronauts. WHAT?! How bonkers is that?

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Episode 45: It’s Time for STAPLE! with Chris “Uncle Staple” Nicholas, Monica Gallagher, and Paul Benjamin

This upcoming weekend marks the 15th installment of the STAPLE! Independent Media Expo. And what better way to celebrate than with not one, not two, but THREE awesome guests? We've got founder Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas, writer and illustrator Monica Gallagher, and writer, editor, and supermodel Paul Benjamin.

Chris, Paul, and Monica chat about how STAPLE! has changed over the past 15 years – though the spirit of the convention has remained the same since being founded in 2005 – and what they like about the event, including a special guest that’s coming to this year’s event (fans of The Adventure Zone should GET EXCITED). It also sounds like the physical STAPLE! program is perhaps the coolest program in the existence of programs.

Additionally, the trio chats about the importance of networking at events and tips for breaking into the comics industry, whether you’re more interested in art, writing, or a combination of the two. And Chris and Paul share their favorite playlists both for driving and working. It's a jam-packed episode full of goodies, so tune in!

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Episode 44: Being Insulted by Celebrities with Adam Rocke

You are in for a treat with this episode. Adam Rocke joins the podcast to chat writing and Hollywood and to remind us just how ridiculous life can be. Hear about his many fascinating moments, from Quentin Tarantino insulting him, to Steven Seagal insulting him, to him insulting Tobey Maguire...hmm, sensing a theme here.

In any case, I asked Adam if he wanted to pen his own bio for this episode, and he tackled it with style and aplomb. You'll learn that's the status quo after listening.

Inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's "gonzo journalism," Adam Rocke's unusual skill set (firearms/weaponry expert, martial arts/tactical/CQB training, international auto racing license) combined with hardcore adrenaline junkie tendencies resulted in countless high octane articles for hip men’s lifestyle publications (Maxim/Stuff Razor/Robb Report/etc.). When editors had a wild story idea that could get a journalist maimed or killed, Adam was the go-to scribe. Somehow he always came back alive and intact—with the story!

These participatory adventures resulted in Adam being shot, stabbed, tazed, stun-gunned, maced, sapped, zapped, brass knuckled, pepper-sprayed, arm-barred, knee-barred, knocked out, choked out, body-slammed, roundhouse-kicked and water-boarded long before "enhanced interrogation" became a household term.

Adam has dived for pirate treasure in the Caribbean, hunted for poachers in Africa, played poker with cartel kingpins in Juarez, scouted for UFOs in the Sonora Desert, raced in the Baja 1000 and the Gumball Rally, swam with great white sharks sans cage, jumped out of a plane sans parachute, and taken part in Sasquatch safaris, Chupacabra expeditions and many other “crypto-quests” around the world.

Adam eventually graduated to writing books. He currently has more than thirty titles in print (fiction and nonfiction, credited and ghosted), all from mainstream publishers.

Adam’s “final literary frontier” is screenwriting, and he's been fortunate to option or sell more than a dozen original screenplays, along with performing numerous work-for-hires, writing or rewriting scripts for both established and up-and-coming producers and filmmakers.

The bulk of today's Podcast concerns Adam's recently published novel, The Death Dealer, which was inspired from a 1998 Maxim article of the same name, where Adam went to Africa with an old acquaintance—a former mercenary with a sketchy past—to hunt poachers.

Episode 43: Sipping Chai and Styling Food with Nitya Jain

Nitya Jain, the Taste Officer and Storyteller at Beyond Curry, joins the podcast to chat all things food – AND she made me tasty chai while we do it. We talk about starting a blog, the joys and challenges that go along with it, the first food we ever documented, and how recipes can evoke powerful storytelling and memories.

Nitya also shares her top tips for food photography and dispels a myth about a popular Starbucks drink. Check out Nitya’s blog for all the goodies (and a killer chai recipe) and give her a follow on Instagram.

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Episode 42: Everyone On This Podcast is an [REDACTED] with Sarah Noffke

I’m joined by Sarah Noffke, author of Everyone in L.A. is an REDACTED (under the pen name Sarah Miller), and she’s doing her best to offend every single person in the world by the end of this episode. What an admirable goal.

In this episode, we chat about growing up in small-town Texas, why bad dates make for the best stories, dog booties, and Sarah shares her top dating advice. Hint: Don’t say your favorite author is Hemingway.

Sarah has written more than 40 novels on YA and NA sci-fi fantasy and is the author of the Lucidites, Reverians, Ren and Vagabond Circus Series. If you need a break from the chick lit of Everyone in L.A. is an REDACTED, you can dabble with a little (or quite a bit of) science fiction. She also has a Masters of Management degree and teaches college business and writing courses. Because free time is wildly overrated.

She's also got a cool podcast called L.A. Chicks, so when you're done listening to this episode (and subscribing to Locally Sourced Joey, naturally), you can head on over and check hers out.

And of course, what would a podcast be without a second plug for another podcast? Check out my other adventure, Parks n Wrecked, right here

Episode 41: Life as a Digital Nomad with Tayler Gill

Have you ever wanted to see the world but thought it was just a wild pipe dream? Kind of like when Mario goes into a pipe that a carnivorous flower had previously been inhabiting, then he emerges in an entirely different area. It's cool, but it JUST WON'T HAPPEN.

Well then, let me introduce you to Tayler Gill, who decided one day she'd like to experience what this world has to offer. So she up and moved to New Zealand and now can sling slang with the best of 'em. And guess what – taking the leap, while certainly present with challenges, was well worth it.

Tayler and I chat about starting a business and the myriad tasks that virtual business assistants do, the power of building your personal network, top travel tips whether you’re brand new to traveling or a seasoned expert, and some of the top sights to see in the world. Be a pal and listen along!

Episode 40: Writing Science Fiction Novels and Pitching Major Movie Studios with Michael C. Bland

With the heart of a jackal and the brains of a lion, Michael C Bland spills all: the details on his debut science fiction novel, his pitch to a major movie studio, and more!

Hear how Michael went from a nobody to a soon-to-be-somebody, with his novel coming out next year and a superhero-mocking manuscript currently in consideration at Columbia Pictures. You’ll laugh. You’ll groan (but not in that good way). You’ll wonder whether podcasts should be federally regulated.

Click that play button now to listen. You know you want to.

Episode 39: That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles with Deana Karim, Founder of Good Dee’s Baking Mixes

Time for cookies! In this episode, I’m joined by Deana Karim, founder of Good Dee’s, a line of gourmet, low-carb, sugar-free, and dairy-free baking mixes. Perfect for anyone on the keto diet, or those who just love tasty treats. We’re chatting the inspiration behind Good Dee’s, business challenges she’s overcome along the way, her favorite compliments, and what she’s working on next. Deana is also doing this call while sneaking away from a baseball game, so you could say this episode is quite a hit! 

Episode 38: Let’s Have a Party Pickle! With Big Swig

Holy smokes, Locally Soured Joey is back! And I’m diving in with a vengeance, or at least some good drinks. I’m joined by Christian Helms and Sean O’Connor, co-founders of Big Swig sparkling water. These ain’t your grandma’s (or your older sister’s) sparkling waters, either. With flavors like Party Pickle, Watermelon Mint, and Jalapeño Pineapple, there’s plenty to get your taste buds dancing. We chat the perfect food to pair with sparkling water, the brand’s business strategy, and we practice a little ASMR work during the episode.

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Episode 37: This Was Never About Basketball

It's certainly been a long time since our last episode, but we're back with quite the special guest: author Craig Leener, whose debut novel This Was Never About Basketball is a terrific coming of age tale that's an engaging read, regardless of whether you enjoy the sport or not. Craig joins us to chat about his writing process, recording an audiobook, and his favorite hoops moments. Listen along, won't you?

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